Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Make your own printable Fabric

When I was wanting to print out photos of my friend’s family for the Car caddy I priced the printable fabric at the store. I could not bring myself to buy it. It averaged about $2 for an 8.5x11 in sheet. I needed about 6 square inches for the project and figured I would find another way.

004006 The printable fabric you can by is just a cotton fabric with a stiff backing. This is for an inkjet printer only. It is really easy to replicate. I have done a little freezer paper stenciling. Anyone who has bought a roll knows that you can’t buy it in small quantities so I have plenty of it laying around. When I first started sewing with Jersey knit fabric I used it to stabilized my fabric so it wouldn’t stretch when I sewed it. I remembered that it stiffened my fabric quite a bit. As for the cotton fabric I just used some unbleached Muslin because I knew it was 100% cotton and I had tons of it laying around. You can use any 100% cotton to do this. I’m going to find a higher thread count for future projects.

008I cut a length of Muslin the same width as my freezer paper and I ironed them together. Then I used my old rotary cutter (the one I reserve for cutting paper) and cut 8.5 x 11 in rectangles out it. If the paper freezer is well adhered to the fabric then you can put it straight in the printer tray. Use just one sheet in the tray at a time. If the edges seem to be frayed or coming off the paper then you can use some scotch tape along the edge that feeds into the printer. 



Best thing about this technique is that was really cheep. Everything I needed was already in my craftroom. I haven’t tried washing it yet so I don’t know how well the ink will hold up to washing but I’m not using this for projects that will need washing anyways. 010Come back tomorrow to see how I plan on using this printed sheet.


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