Friday, August 6, 2010

Marker Pocket

051This is a really simple accessory to make for your idea board. I wanted a pocket that I could mount to the wall or frame that would hold my markers.

To make this project you will need 2 rectangles of fabric 12 X 5.5 inches (or one long 23 X 5.5 in rectangle), some scrap cardboard or a sheet of card stock and 2 grommets.






032If you are using the two smaller rectangles then sew them together into 1 long rectangle and then fold in half with the right side of the fabric on the outside. Fold over the seamed edge up 3.5 inches and iron it flat.






Since I wanted it to taper like my markers I marked a half inch from the edge of each corner along the fold. Then I cut from the corner of the seam to the place I just marked. If you don’t want to taper the pocket then just skip this step.

 034 035

036 With the flap for the pocket on top take the bottom piece of fabric and fold it so the 2 long pieces sandwich the short pocket piece.







037 Leaving the folded edges open sew around the other three sides leaving a 3 inch gap at the top of the pocket for turning inside out (don’t turn it yet)











Cut a trapezoid that is 3.5 inches in height and has bases 4.5 and 3.5 inches long. This should fit into your pocket flap but you might have to trim it a bit. Slip this inside the hold made by the folds.

039 045

Turn it inside out. 048



If you want a stiff back piece as well you can cut another piece of cardstock and insert it in the hole before you sew up the hole.




Add the grommets to the top. I also ironed on a label I made with my printable fabric.

046 050 

I attached with thumbtacks to the inside of the frame. but you could also hang it on hooks from the bottom.

055It’s been very handy not needing to search the room for my markers anymore.056



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