Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dirt Bikes and Fungus

We’ve have been getting together every Tuesday (when our older boys are in school) to sew and watch Downton Abbey. This week we had a birthday party to attend by a kid who is obsessed with dirt bikes. Haley had found a cool orange shirt to repurpose for the occasion and I pulled a few shirts from my stash to make some lounge pants to match.


We thought his mother would get a kick out of the mushroom on the butt of the “I’m a Fun Guy” pants. We did add a few inches to the bottom hem since I made the pattern when the boys were 2. The boys are in underwear now so we didn’t need to change the hip or crotch. 


Then I wrapped it all up in some stamped paper that I sewed into a box. I also did a tag with a index card and some t-shirt scraps.


It was fun getting back in the craft room. Special thanks to my awesome cousin Gabriela who watched the babies so we could sew.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

I make people too

On March 1st, we welcomed little Ruben to our world. Asher, Scott and I are completely in love.


He is just perfect.


Haley was showed up a few hours after I gave birth. Ru seemed really comfortable in her arms which isn’t surprising since he probably heard her voice as much as mine in the womb.

haley, ruben and me

He’s a little bit bigger and I am a little bit smaller and we are both doing well.


This week I got back in the craft room and I’m excited that I get to make little things again!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I made a Warhol Dress!

Ruth and I are avid followers of Made blog. Dana’s “Celebrate the Boy” series was, and still is, right up our alley but, now that I have a baby girl, I get to delve into that other world of sewing…one with which I’m not very familiar. So for my first adventure, I chose the Warhol Dress…such a cute and simple little dress made from repurposed t-shirts. And we all know how much Ruth and I love repurposing t-shirts!
One of Cam’s friends had her 2nd birthday last weekend and this was her gift. She has family in Virginia and I felt the urge to jazz up the simple turquoise dress. The dress was really simple, I had to cut a size 1-2 because her pattern is only for 6-12mos or 3-4yrs…but that was a piece of cake. I simply cut half-way between the two sizes…so easy. Other than that, I followed Dana’s sewing instructions exactly.
IMGP4298 IMGP4296
Couldn’t be simpler, or cuter! Now to make some for Clara!
And we have cute little folded side tags now! :D

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rainy Day Art: Painting with Cars

I’m positive I’m not the first person to think of this, but we had a very rainy day yesterday and needed a simple art project that would hold Cam’s attention for longer than 20 seconds. So we got out some cool vehicles with different texture tire treads that could be washed and the Crayola washable finger paints and went to town.

 IMGP4223 IMGP4224 

Daddy even got in on the fun!

IMGP4226  IMGP4228

He really enjoyed this project. I let the paper dry and saved it to use as wrapping paper.

IMGP4229  IMGP4231


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Asher’s Table and Chairs

To go with Asher's play kitchen I made a set of table and chairs. I used the same set of paints and really brightened up some inexpensive pieces I found at IKEA.
Each chair is done in a different shade of blue and then the remaining colors were used on the seat planks.
022 023 024
My favorite part is the single plank on each chair that I covered with fabric using mod podge. I found this super cute fabric at Stitch Lab and picked up enough to do a little set of curtains and maybe a small apron.
I only got three chairs, but I’ve been thinking about getting one more and making it orange. It would really stand out against the others but orange is Asher’s favorite color. Any thoughts?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Aprons for Zebras

DSC_0227My son’s preschool class does a lot of baking. At least once a week he comes home with fresh baked goods (more if it’s raining). As a thank you to the school I made his teacher and all his classmates some zebra print aprons. Every class is named after an animal, Asher is in the zebra class, hence the print.

After cutting the apron shape I did a half inch bias tape trim on the sides and bottom and a 3/4 inch bias trim across the top and around the next. The neck strap attaches to the apron with velcro on one side.
I did three different trims and rolled them up and put them in a little basket to take to school.

I used this tutorial from Stop Staring and Start Sewing to make the teacher’s apron.
I am thrilled that the class decided to keep the aprons at school and will now use them when ever they do their baking. Now I just need to make one for myself.