Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have a Sock Problem

When I’m not busy sewing or cooking or just taking care of Asher I like to knit. I don’t post much about that because I use ravelry to chronicle my knitting projects but I thought I would do a quick post about my knitting obsession, socks.

I started knitting eight years ago so that I could watch TV and not feel completely unproductive. Since then I’ve knit over 50 pairs of socks. I’ve kept 14 (retired 3 by wearing holes in them) and given the rest away. For the past 3 Christmases I made a pair for all my female relatives. This year I didn’t really start working on them until the beginning of November and somehow I managed to crank out a pair a week and finish 6 pairs before Christmas. My friends didn’t see me without needles in hands.

vihtori socks Vihtori socks made for my mother
go with the flow socks Go with the Flow socks made for my non-in-law Cheyne
hedera socks Hedera socks made for my cousin Jessica
brainless socks Brainless socks made for my sister Erin
blue stripey socks Basic Toe-up Socks made for my cousin Gabriela
spring pools socks Spring Pools socks made for my non-in-law Shelly

I was even able to finish up a pair of socks for myself before the end of 2011.crazy zauberball socks


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest Find: Pizza Muffins

Oh, Pinterest….how I love thee!

In my never-ending quest to find food that Cam can take to school in his lunchbox besides a PB&J, I came across (via my mom) this amazing recipe for Pizza Muffins! These little things are like a bite of heaven…or Italy…they are amazing and incredible and delicious and amazing! Did I mention they were amazing? The recipe comes from a blog with a name that describes me to a T…Lick the Bowl Good. I come from a long line of bowl lickers, so naturally that blog name appeals to me.

So feast your eyes on these bad boys. I ate at least 3 while setting up this picture. The melty, crunchy, oozy cheese on top is the best part.


So the recipe, found HERE, is an adapted/modified version of two other recipes, one of which is Racheal Ray (should’ve known), and is super simple. The only thing I didn’t do was add the red pepper flakes. Next time I’m going to top them with shredded basil, as in Racheal’s version. YUM! Also, I got nearly 2 dozen mini muffins out of one batch, which means Cam won’t miss the 1/2 dozen I’ve already devoured.


Doesn’t that make you wanna run to the kitchen right now and bake some? Thank you, Pinterest…I’ll never get this baby weight off.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Underwear for Asher

I’m not sure if I really should commit to this statement but Asher is pretty much potty trained. (knocking on all the wood in my house) He still has the occasional accident and needs a diaper for nap and nighttime but he is finally going to the potty on his own. No doubt he’ll have a bit of a back slide when the new baby joins the family but at least I accomplished my goal of only having one kid in diapers at a time.
To celebrate I made Asher some special underwear using this pattern
Asher calls these his cookie monster underwear. I couldn’t find a matching blue so I used the same fabric for the front and back.
For the Robots and Cars fabric I matched up the colors with some scraps from my upcycling box
I made potentially a weeks worth of underwear to mix in with his storebought sets. He agrees that the ones that I made are way cooler.
The fabric came from Print Knit Studio. Haley and I put in a big order and were thrilled with the quality of fabric and the speed that we received the order. Definitely more cute stuff on the way.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dino Birthday Party!

Ruth and I are now the proud mommies of 3 year olds…Really? 3 Years??? Anyway, this years birthday for our boys had to be awesome enough to top last years but also easy enough for us to actually finish since both of us have been occupied with baby growing and baby having.

Ruth suggested a dinosaur theme and I instantly agreed. Her ulterior motive in choosing this theme was that she had already planned the most awesome “party favor” for Cam and Ash’s friends…each one received his or her very own dinosaur tail! Yep, we just blew every plastic party favor bag filled with bubbles and lollipops right out of the water. But you ain’t seen nothing yet…just wait til I tell you about the cake!


We made 22 of these super easy tails, using this tutorial by Jessica from Running with Scissors. In order to get them made in a timely manner, we used felt as the spikes to save all the clipping, turning and pressing needed for the fabric method.

IMGP1823  DSC_0007

The kids chose their tail and ran all over the park with them. It was so awesome!

DSC_0175 DSC_0203 

So does anyone have a suggestion on how we can top this next year?

image image

Friday, February 17, 2012

I’m so crafty, I make people!

I saw that line on facebook the other day and it cracked me up…but that has definitely been the reality for Ruth and I lately. I welcomed my second child, a girl named Clara, on December 10…thus my radio silence. Now that she’s two months old, I’m finally back in the crafting game (somewhat)…but first a quick post filled with cute baby pictures, then back to sewing and such. :)

Meet Clara…she started out very small…

but got big with a quickness…
IMGP4066crop IMGP4014

So I’m back (kindof) and will start posting again…and then Ruth will have her baby! YAY!! It’s raining babies here in Texas.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1 nap = 4 pairs of pants

I’ve only got a few weeks before my baby boy is due so I’ve been trying to spend a little bit of time in the craft room daily.  During today’s nap I grabbed four t-shirts from my repurposing bin and whipped up some simple lounge pants using our free pattern. Asher is a little taller than he was when I made the pattern so I just added an inch and a half to the length and a half inch to the top. I didn’t adjust the sides since the old pants still fit across the hips.


Spring is upon us so these pants are sure to get plenty of use. Plus with my hands soon to be full of newborn it’s good to have more clothes Ash can put on with out me.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Pattern Weights

So Haley just turned 29… again and I surprised her with a simple set of pattern weights.


The idea came from here. Sascha has a lovely little blog and does really great work with knits.

These weights are really simple. Just glue some large washers or nuts together and wrap in ribbon.

It was pretty funny to give Haley this tiny gift bag that was surprisingly heavy. Happy birthday Haley!