Monday, August 9, 2010

Portable Chalkboard

I made this for one of my son’s friend’s birthday. I haven’t written up a tutorial for this yet. If I do then I would need to make some adjustments.
I didn’t have any chalk on hand when I made the chalk pockets so I would definitely change the pocket width size. I would also change the dimension of the chalkboard area. mostly so it would fold easier.014
I did do a little of free hand stitching on the eraser wipes. It’s a new Technique for me that I plan on practicing a lot more.  018
I did really like the way it rolled up and the cute coordinating card for the Birthday Boy020
What do you think should I redo it and make a tutorial?


  1. YES you should I would love to make one of these for Blaze!!

  2. Make a tutorial! This is adorable!
    (Ps - thanks for your sweet comment)

  3. This is super cute! Id love to know where you found the chalk board fabric.

  4. The Chalkboard fabric is in the utility section of Joanns. I think it was 5 bucks or so for a yard. I of course further discounted it with a coupon.

  5. you must have wiped out their stock;) none when I went last week.

  6. Awww, this is Evan's present!! We absolutely love it. It is so cute and we use it all the time. I *heart* my crafty friends. :)