Friday, February 5, 2010

Asher’s Halloween Costume

697839683__mg_0015Isn’t he adorable?
The costume was adapted from Martha Stewart I did a lot my sewing on the wings. Basically sewing all the folds in place. The pattern called for a pilot’s cap. Apparently Martha thinks you can just pick up one at any baby store. I had a hard time even finding one online. So I made my own. So I grabbed my knitting needles and whipped this up in a couple of hours.
Halloween 2009 080Halloween 2009 092Halloween 2009 081

Make your own Baby Owl hat (for Personal use only)

Holding together 2 strands: 3 stitches/inch
Yarn: Lion brand Vanna’s choice yarn in toffee, chocolate and espresso. 1 skein of each
Needles: 1 16 inch US #11 circular needle 697838695__mg_0013
Felt: small amount of white, black and orange
Sewing needle
Orange and black thread
Toggle button
Holding the chocolate and espresso colors together cast on 38 stitches.
Row 1: *k2, p2* to the last 2 stitches, k2
Row 2: .*p2, k2* to the last 2 stitches, p2.
Repeat row 1 and 2 once more
Next row bind off 16 st then continue knitting in the 2x2 ribbing pattern as established. Place marker to mark the front of the hat. Using a backwards loop method to cast on 26 stitches. (48 st)
Join in the round and work 5 rounds in the 2x2 rib as established. Then knit 5 inches in Stockinette stitch.
Knit to Marker, Remove marker, Bind off the next 24 stitches.
Break the espresso colored yarn leaving a 6 inch tail to weave in. Add the toffee yarn and continue knitting with the chocolate yarn.
Next row: K1, k2tog, knit to last 3 st, k2tog, k1
Repeat previous row until 4 stitches remain. slip2, k2tog, pass both slipped stitches over the stitch. cut both strands leaving a long tail and pull through the stitch to bind off.
Fold triangular flap over and use the strands to fasten the flap to the front of the hat. Use one color for the left side and the other for the right. Make tassels with the toffee colored yarn attach to the corners of the hat. Here is a good explanation on how to make tassels.
Cut two white circles with diameters of 2 inches. Cut two black circles with a diameter of 1 inch. I cut a small triangle wedge out of the black circles to make it even cuter. Also cut an orange equilateral triangle with side length 1.5 inches. Use the orange thread to sew the triangle centered on the front of the hat about 1/2 inch above the ribbing. Sew the white circles on both sides of the triangle using the black thread. Then sew the black circle to the center of each white circle. Be sure to have the wedges face the same direction.
Sew the toggle button to the bottom of the hat next to where you casted on the additional stitches. The stitches should be loose enough that you can push the button through the strap so that it fits under your child’s chin.
This pattern is not for commercial use or monetary gain




  1. Wow! Thanks for all the fantastic advice!!! I wish I could give you one of these !

    *crosses fingers hoping the link works*

    This pattern, and this kid, are SO CUTE!!! I bet he was the coolest kid on Halloween :D my mom dressed my brother and me up as Pebbles & BamBam every year when we were kids, and our costumes were nowhere near as cool as this!

    Believe me, there are TONS of cool things I want to learn, including (but not limited to) designing, amigurumi, colorwork (fair isle, intarsia, etc.), gloves (fingers! yikes!), sweaters, and maybe even spinning! So there'll be plenty to write about :-)

    I really like the swatch-a-day idea! Though those would have to be either really tiny swatches or make a really huge blanket. or a couple of blankets. 365 is a LOT of swatches! O.O I've been trying to think of a cool year-long project like that, too :-)

    My love (obsession?) for knitting and my interest in blogging have kind of carried me away, so I'm excited to see where it all takes me, too :-)

  2. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pattern! I think my little guy may end up as an owl for Halloween too! You could inspire an entire flock (are there flocks of owls? idk)of these cuties! Now to add brown corduroy coat with owl embellishment for winter to my sewing queue also...

  3. Any idea how to adjust this pattern for an adult sized hat?

  4. That hat is PERFECT for my little one's costume. Wish I could knit. Good work!

  5. absolutely fantastic tutorial and costume. great inspiration! I just wanted to let you know that I included a link to your page on my blog :

  6. If I make this hat, can my friend use it as a prop for her personal photography business? It's such a cute hat (she wants to use it for newborn photos), but I do not want to violate your request for using this only for personal use. Please let me know.


  7. Anna, Thanks for asking. It is fine with me if you make one for your friend. I put the disclaimer in because some one was selling them (using my picture) on etsy.
    I'd love to see a finished picture.

  8. I can't believe someone would have the nerve to do that! This is so cute. I now know what my kiddo is going to be for Halloween. My son is 13 months. I'm assuming that this picture is of a boy about that same size/age?

  9. es ist eine coole Sammlung Ich mag Baby Hut. seine Farbe so schön.kostüme halloween


    This guy is using your photo as his own, says this little boy is his child. I've reported the picture along with all the others he's faking.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Yet another reason I hate facebook.

  11. Awesome pattern. I'm going to try and make one for my friend who's having a little girl with an owl theme :D

  12. Beautiful! I'll try to make this to my niece. Thanks!!

  13. This baby is the cutest and this costume suits him. Martha Stewart is really having a very good collection. Thanks for mentioning all materials and directions to make a similar costume but I don't think I can prepare it by own. For instance I prefer Kid Steals for baby cloths and I would love to visit Martha Stewart and have some unique collections.

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