Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heirloom Toddler Chair: Finished!

Thanks to a long visit by my mom, Cam’s chair is finished! When last we left the chair, it was completely padded in foam. The next step was to add a layer of 3/4” dacron (which is similar to quilt batting), covered by more ugly fabric and then the final fabric (a luscious blue veloury cloth that I LOVE!)

So here goes:
 IMGP8872  IMGP8883
The arms were first. Dacron, ugly fabric, then yummy blue wrapped all the way around and stapled.

IMGP8875edit IMGP8876edit IMGP8878edit IMGP8879edit
Time for a Cam-test!

Next, the seat. Dacron, more ugly fabric, then blue.

The original chair had two rows of decorative piping along the front, giving a “cushion” look. We replicated that look.

The first row of piping and front panel (shown above) were machine stitched because there was nothing behind them to staple to (just fluff). The second row (shown below) was stapled. We added a small piece of dacron under each panel for poofiness (yes, that’s a word). The cardboard strip makes a nice sharp line when the fabric is folded over.
 IMGP8887 IMGP8888

The seat back was next. It also had piping and was a bit more difficult to figure. We used the original back piece as a pattern and modified it to fit our new fluffier chair. After some trial and error, we got a perfect fit.

Next up, pleating. There were pleats on the top back corners and the arm fronts. Pretty simple.
IMGP8898 IMGP8897

The chair sides needed a layer of dacron as well, to fill in the cavity and add structure.
 IMGP8904 IMGP8905

The arm fronts had a flat cover that’s trimmed with decorative upholstery nails. Using the old arm cover as a pattern, we cut the covers, adding 1/2” to turn under. We decided to add a strip of fuse-a-shade (a thick iron-on interfacing) which gave the piece some stiffness. We then clipped the curves and ironed under a 1/2”, using cheese cloth. A small piece of dacron was added, again for poofiness. All that’s left was to hammer in the nails. WOW, we were amazed with how good it looked!


The back cover was done in the exact same manner as the arm fronts. Layer of dacron, cover with interfacing, nailheads.
IMGP8955 IMGP8949 




Remember what it looked like before? From trash to treasure! This chair has a new life. Cam already loves it and uses it daily. Plus, we saved a ton of cash…to the tune of $600!


  1. It looks awesome! You did an amazing job.

  2. Holy cow, are you kidding me?! You did an amazing job! That is one thing that I have not yet dared to conquer.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I've been looking for a chair similar to this so I could do the same and I found one today at the end of my road. I'm gonna pull it apart and make it match the living room couch.