Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making Bias Tape

046I found out about the Singer Bias tape maker on Prudent Baby and thought I must have one, but when I saw the cost and knew it was out of my budget. Later, while discussing with Haley how making bias tape seems like an impossibly tedious job, she surprised me by saying she had a bias tape maker that I could borrow. Fully expecting some complicated gadget I was really confused when she handed me this simple metal funnel. I think I asked “where is the rest of it?” and she said “well, you’ll need an iron.”
Overall, I found the Clover bias tape maker really easy to use and certainly more economical. All you have to do is feed your fabric strip through the large end of the funnel and then iron it as it comes out the other end. It was simple but a little slow. It probably took about 3 hours to make all that you see in the photo, though that time does include cutting and sewing the strips.
I think I would still like to try out Singer’s version. I’ve been very happy with so many of their other product (in fact, I just bought one of their sewing machines last week, more on that later) But for now I’ll take the slow road.


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  2. I never knew you could MAKE your own bias tape! You chose such pretty patterns too :)

    Here is a link to really adorable bias tape holders, well for tread, but I don't see why you can't make them bigger for your bias tape if you use them.

    Just Better Together

  3. I totally printed those form my floss but your right with a little resizing they'd work here too.
    Good Idea