Thursday, November 8, 2012

i-spy squares

Here are some squares I’ve received from some Local Swappers as well as my own.  Some people have asked about a flickr group for the swap which can be found here.

I am still looking for 5 more people for the second swap. If you are interested please leave me a comment on the original post.

Swap 1 (Ruth)

Swap 2 (Ruth)

I love the keyboard, and the spatulas are so cute.

swap 1 (Mom)

I bought some of the car classifieds to make a book sling, I love it. You can’t tell from the picture but the music notes have some shimmer to them.

swap 2 (mom)

How cute are the seagulls in rain gear.

Swap 2 (gloria)

The colors in this set are so vibrant, I think I am going to have to order the bugs in jars to make some PJs for Ash.

I am so excited to see what everyone has chosen. I’ll be waiting for the postman everyday!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Out-Of-This-World Halloween!

It took me a few days to gather photos from our various Halloween activities, but here they are…better late than never!

Our family theme this year was “Space”. Cam had mentioned being an astronaut a few months ago and it was the only suggestion that I thought was do-able…any other time I asked him what he wanted to be it was always Lightning McQueen. Ugh! So we went with space…Clara was our alien princess, mommy was a starry sky and daddy was Space Ghost.


For Cam’s costume, I went with a pattern, McCalls 6417. It was simple and quick…a one-piece suit and a set of boot covers. Since I procrastinated the entire costume-making endeavor, I didn’t get authentic NASA patches ordered in time, so I painted my own using a Google image search and a steady hand. Ruth was in paper mache mode with Asher’s pteranodon head so she made Cam a space helmet…it’s a good thing she did, cause I had run out of time. It was hilariously oversized, but it made an excellent candy receptacle. He loved the costume!

 _DSC0290cam halloween 2012 here and austin 009

The icing on the cake was Cam’s rocket pack. Again, we were short on time so Ruth donated two perfectly shaped bottles and we taped them to a small plastic cutting board. I cut out some fancy felt flames and hot-glued them in. Voila!


Clara’s costume was inspired by a pattern, Simplicity 1769. I made her a short cape with 3 eyeballs on pipe-cleaners. The rest of the costume consisted of a comfortable baby outfit: onesie, skirt and tights, all handmade. I found a pair of florescent green knee-high socks at Target and turned them into baby tights. They were sooo easy! Hopefully I’ll come up with a quick tutorial for them soon.



Space Ghost was my crowning achievement. Brian’s such a good sport for putting up with a one-piece, back-zippered full body double knit costume. I used McCalls 6475 for the basic idea and added the feet, which I totally made up and it turned out great! The comparison pictures were taken the day after Halloween, and he had left his red cuffs in a bathroom somewhere! Oh well…it was awesome while it lasted ;)




space ghostDSC_0005

As is typical, mommy’s costume got left for last and wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned…the starry headband was the best part Just some wire and felt stars on a dollar store headband. Couldn’t be easier. The rest of it was thrown together from my closet along with a sheer starry gathered skirt that never quite fit right. Oh well…next year, I’ll start with my costume! (yeah, right!)


Friday, November 2, 2012

I-Spy Swap: deadline extended

Still have 9 slots left for the swap. The deadline is the end of November. I will have the squares back to you by December 15th. Comment on the original post to sign up.


Just to entice you a little more here are my fabric choices for the first group, I am just in love with the squirrels.