Wednesday, September 26, 2012

20 Pillowcases


Recently we hosted a beginning sewing class for our stay-at-home mom’s group. Many of the groups members own a sewing machine but not too many sew on a regular basis. So we picked a project that even a complete beginner can finish in an evening. Everyone sewed a pillowcase or two to be donated to ConKerr Cancer. Their goal is to give a bright cheery pillowcase to every seriously ill child in North America by 2015. That night we made 20 pillowcases to donate!

ConKerr has directions to make the pillowcases on their website. If you need a more visual tutorial I recommend checking out this post by Dana.


I hope you are inspired to host your own sewing night.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Right Feet

Asher really loved his gorilla shoes (which sadly don’t fit any more). I loved that he could put them on by himself which was very helpful while I was hugely pregnant at the time. However he was constantly putting them on the wrong feet. I wish I could blame it on his youth but his father would put them on the wrong feet too. So when the time came to by the next round of shoes I pulled out my fabric paint again and came up with my brilliant solution.
On the exterior of the shoe I painted matching symbols. They are placed were the aches of his feet will be. Now when he gets his shoes he makes the symbols touch and then puts them on the ground and slips is feet inside. I rarely have to ask him to fix them any more. 
I cut the symbols out of contact paper and carefully painted the shapes. Once dry, I used a fabric paint pen to outline the stars.
This simple solution has cut down the time it takes us to get out of the house significantly. Let me know if you give it a try.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gifts for a baby girl

One of the women in my book club is due with her baby girl any day now. At our last discussion we threw her a little baby shower. My friend Liasa made some freezer paper stenciled onesies and I decided to take them one step further (as I am prone to do.)


I made a pair of baby lounge pants (pattern coming soon) to match one pair. I couldn’t find a t-shirt in my stash to match the lizard one so I just gave it a ruffled butt. I used Char’s tutorial for that one.


I also made a toy tether and a bias tape bound flannel blanket which I used to wrap it all up.


She was especially glad that it wasn’t pink!