Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Idea Board

Lately I’ve been so inspired by reading other people craft blogs. I’ve come across so many wonderful projects I want to make and have had tons of ideas of things to create and share. I really needed a way to organize my thoughts. I decided to make a large fabric marker board for my craft room wall.
This is a really simple no-sew project that took about an hour to complete.


  • Large poster frame with glass or Plexiglas
  • Length of Light colored fabric large enough to completely cover the frames backing
  • Adhesive spray
  • Steam-A-seam
  • Markers
  • Printable fabric make your own with our tutorial


The frame I bought was a Ribba was from the As-is section of Ikea. It must have been a return because I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Because the frame has Plexiglas instead of glass I am using vis-a-vis markers instead of Dry erase. Keep this in mind when you pick out your frame and markers.
The first thing to do is to print out your labels on the printable fabric. Really think about what you want your labels to be. I printed out 4 different categories, Ideas, In process, To post, and To buy. I tend to juggle multiple projects at once so hopefully this will help me to keep track of things and my current projects to a reasonable number.
Lay the back board to the frame on top of the fabric, line it up and then cut your fabric so that you have an inch border all the way around the backing. Lightly spray the backing with the adhesive spray and then place your fabric over it  Smooth out any creases or bubbles so that it lays completely flat.

In addition to my categories I also printed the photo of our blog header. I cut the border of the photo, as well as around the category labels, leaving about an inch as a border. I then ironed under the edges under a half inch

If you don’t have the steam-a-seam then you could use the spray adhesive to attach the labels to the backing. I used the Steam-a-seam because I could better control their placement. I cut the steam-a-seam so that it was slightly smaller than the label, place them where you want them and then iron them in place.

018 019
Put it in the frame and tug a little at the inch of border fabric if there are any wrinkles on the front.  027
Start organizing your ideas. I hope you have as many as I do.
Come back tomorrow and see how I accessorized this project.

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