Monday, August 23, 2010

Easy Wallet Repair

003The other day I left my wallet at Joann’s. When I realized it a few hours later I called them and was told that it was in their safe. When I got there to pick it up the manager ask me a security question that only I would know. “What do you use as a zipper pull?”

I’ve had this wallet for a while. I found it at Kohls and it had just the right number of card holders and pockets.  I was really mad when the strap for my zipper fell off. This is not the first wallet this has happened to and in the past I always just replaced it. This time I thought, wait, I’m crafty, I can fix this.

You know the small kind of measuring tape that comes in a little disk and has a button that retracts it. I used some of the guts of one to make our blog header and I had plenty of it left over. I cut off a six inch piece, folded it in half, fed it through the metal D-ring on the zipper, and stitched it in place. I love how simple and unique it is.


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  1. I'm glad you found your wallet! And you have indeed a very crafty zipper pull.

    Just Better Together