Monday, July 26, 2010

Car Caddy Part 3

005It seems to be birthday season. This one is for our friend V’s kid. I used the same design I did for my nephew, the Cozy Car Caddy by homemade by jill. This time I made a window with a piece of clear vinyl and print out a picture of V’s family on some printable paper I made to go under the vinyl. I hope that she likes as much as I do.




  1. Thanks for the comment, Ms F! It's crazy to look back at where I was 2 years ago, and compare it to where I am now. WOW!

    This blog is great! The car caddy is so cute, and I just can't get over how big Asher is!!! <3 (I was creepin' on earlier posts. T-shirt snake = WAY TOO CUTE)

    Hope you're doing wonderfully,

  2. Iz LOVES her car caddy!!! Every time she sees it, she screams CAAAARRRRRR! and we have to start playing.