Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heirloom Toddler Chair: Springs and Foam

Since my mom was in town visiting, we decided to tackle Cam’s chair project. It’s been sitting in the garage, naked, for quite some time, and I know that Cam will use and love it if it were only finished and in the house. I got some quotes for having a professional recover it, but it would be around $400, at the cheapest! YIKES! We decided to do it ourselves.

The springs were a bit loose, so we decided to start with that.


This picture cracks me up. The caption should be “SPROING!”


We removed the old jute strapping from the chair bottom in order to retie the springs and replace the strapping. Here’s a “before” picture ----->


It was easy enough, but we had to stitch the springs down as we went, otherwise the weave would have been too tight to get to them. So we used a pneumatic nailer with staples to start attaching the strapping, stitched a spring, stapled some more, etc…


Once the stapling was done, I carefully stitched down the last of the springs with a curved needle. The springs are back in place and ready for love.

Next up: Foam!

IMGP8731 IMGP8741

We measured and cut 2” and 1” foam, depending on the location. The arms have 1”, seat 5” total, and back 3” total…it’s a Poofy chair! I purchased all of the supplies from DIY Upholstery Supply. They have everything you can think of for upholstery projects, at reasonable prices, PLUS they have a good amount of video tutorials, which helped me decide what supplies to order.

IMGP8747 IMGP8864

A few yards of old fabric I had laying around were used to hold down the under layers of foam and then dacron (more on that later). Cam began crawling around on the chair immediately.


Happy mom and happy kiddo! Next steps coming soon.


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