Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shopping Cart Upcycle

I wanted to get a cute shopping cart to go along with my whole Toy kitchen/market/felt food master plan. My sister has this adorable one from Plan toys but it was way out of my budget. Then I found one at Marshalls for $12 and even though it was pepto bismol pink I snatched it up because I knew I could fix it. And now it’s awesome!



Before I assembled it I Taped off the wheels and then used spray paint to prime and paint all the pink and white pieces. When I went to put it together I pulled out the screws and they were pink too, so they got a quick spray as well.

063I could have kept the bag but it was pretty flimsy and was meant to be removable so it also had bright pink handles (nothing scissors couldn’t fix). Then I figured I could make it look like some of my reusable bags and I picked out some duck cloth and some bias tape and basically copied the cheap bag with a sturdier fabric. I also added more Velcro for stability. Then I did a freezer paper stencil on both sides of the basket: recycle symbol on one side and the phrase “it’s easy being green” on the other.


Ash loves it. He has been shopping for cars and books ever since I brought it out.


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  1. Okay, totally cool. I had the same thought about the Plan Toys cart. and I never thought about finding a knock off and spicing it up!
    Well done!

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me :)
    It was so much fun to meet you guys tonight to. I'm so glad you said hello.

    Your blog here looks great. I love how you've really thought it out and made a cool header and everything. :)
    have a nice long weekend!
    - Dana