Thursday, September 23, 2010

KCWC Day 3 & 4

Day Three was a major fail for me. I used a tutorial from crafterhours to make a ringer shirt. The tutorial is great, this pattern failed because of my inexperience in pattern making. I made a pattern on a t-shirt I already owned and then cut it out one of my husband’s old shirts. It wasn’t until after I finished the shirt that I was able to see my giant mistake. The size of the neck hole could fit around my waist. When I tried it on Ash I laughed as he looked like an eighties dancer with this shirt hanging off his shoulders

Lucky for me my partner in crime has substantially more experience than me and was able to show me exactly how to adjust the pattern to take in the neck. I thought I should lengthen the shoulder seam to decrease the neck line but Haley showed me how a simple pinch at the neckline can decrease the size of the hole with out changing any other dimension.
So on day four I tried another ringer shirt and it came out so awesome and fast that I made a second one immediately after.

I had no idea there was a second star shirt but when I dressed one of my men the other decided to match



  1. oh good grief! what a cheeseball your hubby is!

  2. so who was the original and who the copycat?

  3. I may have been first, but the little guy was the first to make it look GOOD