Monday, September 27, 2010

KCWC Day 5


I made the pj’s that my son is modeling a while ago. They were one of the first projects that Haley and I worked on together. The top is one of Dana’s 90-min shirts (We were able to fiddle with the directions and get it down to 55 min but only if the kids weren’t bugging us.) As you can see they have gotten a little snug so for day five of the Kid’s Clothing week challenge I made a new set of bottoms and a matching ringer shirt for the top. I’m thinking about adding a stencil to the top but I also like that right now he could wear it as a normal shirt too.

003 029

I also made this pair of flannel pants using a store bought pattern. I really don’t like the fit of them, I think they were made for a non- diapered butt. On top of the poor fit, the elastic casing fell apart in the wash so I’m counting this as a fail.


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