Monday, September 27, 2010

KCWC: Days 4, 5 & 7

Most of Day 4, for me, was spent finishing up the corduroy pants and then starting a new project, yet another upcycle from daddy’s closet. A collared short/long sleeve shirt. Combining daddy’s collared short sleeve shirt and an old long-underwear top of mine, I created a nice winter shirt for Cam.


The long-sleeve under short sleeve looks pretty cool and the collar kinda dresses it up a bit. I reused the collar (seamed it up the center back), and the pocket. Both sets of sleeves are cut directly from the original sleeve, keeping the hem, as is the bottom hem. Soooo much less work! The button placket was the most challenging, but came out great.

I finished the shirt on Day 5, and then took a day of rest on Day 6.  :)

On Day 7, I then threw together a quick pair of Pirate PJ Pants. Using a pair of my old sweats, I whacked out a simple pant, keeping the hem and side seam (Seriously, I LOVE being able to skip steps, but not sacrifice quality).

 IMGP9639 IMGP9641

I appliqued some treasure map X’s on the knees and a Jolly Roger on the "booty", out of rib knit which makes a surprisingly great applique. I then added a rib-knit waistband and threaded elastic through. I still have enough old pant left to make another pair someday.Yar, it's a fine pair of trousers, me hearty!


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