Saturday, July 24, 2010

Anniversary curtains


Admittedly, this is not the worlds sexiest anniversary gift but my wonderful husband is a gamer and grandma’s polyester curtains which were left to us by the previous owner did absolutely nothing to to prevent the glare on his computer screen. He asked me to make or find some black out curtains for his study. Since we just moved we are a little cash poor so I knew I wanted to make them and do it on a budget. I went with Haley to this awesome discount upholstery fabric place to find fabric to cover Cam’s chair and I found the circle fabric. I thought it was manly enough for the study but was also in colors that I thought my husband would like. I bought 3 yards of it. I also got some curtain rings with clips on clearance and some budget blackout lining.

010To make the curtain I cut the the drapery fabric 8 inches longer than I wanted my curtain to be. I folded and ironed a 1 inch width twice on each side of the curtain. I did the same on the top and bottom of the curtain with 2 inch folds. Then I cut the black out fabric to be the same size as the folded fabric. I slipped the blackout fabric under the folds and pinned all the way around the curtain

I then sewed around the curtain lining up the left side of my pressure foot with the fold of the fabric. I used a denim needle (after I broke a my normal 80/12).

I didn’t really like the rings that came with my clearance clips so I took off the clip part and wired it to the rings that came with the original curtain. They matched the rod much better than the satin nickel rings I bought.

009 012 014


It took 7 rings per curtain spaced roughly 8 inches apart.

008 018

I’m really happy with these. They were quick and easy completely darken the room. Perfect for my gaming guy.


Happy anniversary to my dear husband. You have made the last four years amazing and given me the most wonderful family. I love you and can’t wait to spend the next 4 years with you.



  1. Really great curtains! My husband is also a gamer, we have a blended family and have been married for 4 years and one month today. Congratulations and good work!

  2. I LOOOVVE the new curtains! Great job!

  3. RED for romantic and the circular design looks nice with so many colors