Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cute Car Caddy

043With less than a week of crafting time my husband reminded me of my Nephews birthday. Yikes. I needed to make something and pop it in the mail and really only had 3 days to do it. So I went through my “I want to make this” list and picked out the Cozy Car Caddy by homemade by jill. I needed some fabric but of course he tells me late at night when all the stores are closed. Since we just moved I have a giant box of clothing to donate. That became my personal fabric shop. I used my husband’s old shirt for the pockets leaving the buttons on because I thought they added to the charm. The road was a pair of my old work pants. the brown cords and jean material were from some other discarded pants.

054I expected this to be a really quick project but then I got fancy. I do have a tendency to make things harder than the should be. I picked out a different car appliqué. I choose the retro muscle car from puddle jumping designs. I shrunk the pattern for the car to be half the size and hand stitched the felt to the jeans. After I did the applique I realized that I needed a different closure. Jill’s had a strap that attached the center of her appliqué with Velcro. I didn’t want to sacrifice my car design so I used a magnetic snap which I carefully placed before I sewed my mat closed.

047The last thing I did was do a freezer paper stencil of Blake’s name across the pockets. I was going to do numbers but my husband notices that there were 5 pockets and 5 letters in Blake’s name.

I’ll be making a few more of these.



  1. This was an amazing gift! When we opened it up, Blake was fascinated by putting the cars in and out of the pockets. I had to remind him to "drive" the cars. He loves the present and so do I. We practice spelling his name too! Thank you, Ruth. We love the gift!

  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial. We have a new grandson and my husband decided that he was going to start Jamie's collection of Hot Wheels but I could never figure out what to put the cars in. This is perfect, the cars from PopPop and the carrier from Nonnie!

  3. Very clever, to use the shirt so the buttons could play a part too! Saved a seam, I like that! Looks awesome.

  4. This is so cooool!!!
    Thank you for this idea!!!
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany,

  5. Cute car pouch! It would be so nice to make one and give it to a special someone. Auh, that would be so sweet! I wish one of my child relatives could make one for me. Kids out there should do the same thing! Be creative with your hands! This one's great for the holidays and such occasions. ;)

    Jolandi Kerstetter