Friday, November 2, 2012

I-Spy Swap: deadline extended

Still have 9 slots left for the swap. The deadline is the end of November. I will have the squares back to you by December 15th. Comment on the original post to sign up.


Just to entice you a little more here are my fabric choices for the first group, I am just in love with the squirrels.




  1. Those fabrics look like so much fun! I can't wait. I've been working on getting my squares cut out. Do you want them sent to you grouped in stacks of 20 squares with the same fabric together or in stacks of 20 squares, one of each of the fabrics we're sending?

    Do you mind if I borrow a couple of your finished quilt pics when I do a post showing my fabric choices to try to entice a few more people?

    1. Stacks with one of each fabric will save a lot of time on my end.
      And of course!