Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year was the first year that Asher could decide what he wanted to be for Halloween. He wanted to be a Pteranodon, specifically he wanted to be a turquoise one. Since I finished his costume 2 weeks early I had enough time to make costumes for the rest of the family.


That being said my sewing machine broke about 2 weeks ago so I had to camp out at Haley’s house and use her machine to get them all done.


I’m really proud of our costumes but Haley, as always, stole the show. Just wait until you see the amazing job she did.




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  2. I saw your comment at Happy Together and had to come check out your family of dinosaurs -- the costumes turned out great! We had so much fun with our family costumes this year that I think we'll do it again, too. :)