Thursday, November 8, 2012

i-spy squares

Here are some squares I’ve received from some Local Swappers as well as my own.  Some people have asked about a flickr group for the swap which can be found here.

I am still looking for 5 more people for the second swap. If you are interested please leave me a comment on the original post.

Swap 1 (Ruth)

Swap 2 (Ruth)

I love the keyboard, and the spatulas are so cute.

swap 1 (Mom)

I bought some of the car classifieds to make a book sling, I love it. You can’t tell from the picture but the music notes have some shimmer to them.

swap 2 (mom)

How cute are the seagulls in rain gear.

Swap 2 (gloria)

The colors in this set are so vibrant, I think I am going to have to order the bugs in jars to make some PJs for Ash.

I am so excited to see what everyone has chosen. I’ll be waiting for the postman everyday!



  1. Ohhh...I'm excited. Mine are all packaged up and just need to be taken to the post office this afternoon. My 3-year-old has so much fun helping me sort the fabric into piles. I know she's going to have fun helping me look through all the choices when they come back in the mail.

  2. My squares are on the way. Mailed them on Friday.

  3. I mailed my squares last week, and today my empty return envelope showed up in my mailbox! That leads me to believe that the package opened up on it's way to you! Did you get my squares? If so, I'll send you another postage paid envelope. If not, I'll try to cut some more tomorrow and send them off. thanks