Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Play Kitchen Challenge: 8 Months Later

Well….as you may have noticed, we’ve been really bad about posting Play Kitchen updates, but rest assured there has been major progress. The summer months were a wash…it was too dang hot to work in the garage. So, after our last post in May, we didn’t get too much accomplished until around September when the demon Texas sun gave us a much needed break.
Then, in October it started moving very quickly. Ruth had a goal of completing her kitchen by Asher’s 2nd Birthday in December. She kicked it into high gear.

Here’s a quick rundown of the last 8 months:

We routed window holes in the microwave and oven doors.


We chiseled out mortises for the hinges, by hand.

We cut plexi-glass windows for the microwave and oven doors.

We did a dry fit with the doors in place and then fine tuned the door fit. Quarters were used for spacing.
 IMGP9450 IMGP9451

We plugged pocket holes.

Then came hours and hours and days and days of endless sanding. We also cut the floor piece and back piece somewhere in there, but no pictures were taken of any of this cause it was….well….boring!

After the epic and arduous sanding event, we primed.

One of the coolest details, I think, is the magnetic fridge door. The magnetic primer is apparently toxic if inhaled…something about heavy metals…which explains the crazy headgear. Best part is that you can paint over it, and it’s still magnetic. Sweet!
IMGP9950 IMGP9953

Ok, you’ve been caught up to a point. Ruth has a 99% finished product, but it requires it’s own post…cause it is super awesome! Prepare to be wowed!


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