Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Mom’s Apron

For weeks I had been wracking my brain for crafty ideas for my mom. I love making things for her, but often my plans are too huge for the small amount of time I have and never come to fruition. This year was no different. A few days before Christmas, Kelly at Sewing in No Man’s Land did a quick post about aprons. She posted some cute pictures from Anthropologie (I had no idea they even sold aprons) and as soon as I saw them I knew what I was making for my mom.

I drew up a quick design using elements from various apron styles and headed out to the fabric store.

For the first time ever, I bought fabric at Ikea…needless to say, I’m hooked! The print is so beautiful and the weight is exactly what I was looking for. Joann’s had a lovely linen-look fabric in a deep rich purple. There isn’t even any purple in the print, but the two looked great together so I went with it.

My favorite part of the project was the 4” circle-cut ruffle at the hem. Using a Christmas platter, I drew a circle on the fabric and then measured out 4”, drawing another circle.

IMGP0501 IMGP0502
The platter must be large enough so that the ruffle length you desire fits around the platter. I used a rolled hem on the serger for the hem on this, but any hem method could be used.


 As a dividing line between the purple and print, I sewed a faux-piping between them. It isn’t piping at all, but a 1 1/4” strip of cream polished cotton folded in half and creased to make a 5/8” strip. The entire apron was stitched with 1/2” seams so the piping stuck out 1/8” and really makes the colors pop.


I added a few small gathers at the center waist and two rounded pockets, which really added to the vintage-y look.

The waist straps are extra long so they can be wrapped around the front and tied in a bow. I think it looks adorable on my mom! She is such a great hostess and I’m sure this apron will get a lot of use.

 Merry Christmas, Momma!


  1. You sure are gifted with the needle and drafting which can be the most difficult part. YOU have mastered it. The apron looks fab on her. I to like the long ties, so difficult to tie a bow in back.

  2. Very nice ideas! I'm glad that I found you're blog, now you've got 100 followers, jiepie!!Greets from belgium

  3. That's so cute! I used that same ikea fabric to reupholster Alora's rocking chair. LOVE ikea fabric! Its a great heavy weight. :)