Sunday, January 30, 2011

Car Party Favors - Crayons

Our inspiration for the crayons were based on this post by homemade by Jill. We had both seen it and knew regardless of the theme we would find some candy molds that would work. Since both our boys are in love with cars and motorcycles we found some molds at the all-in-one bakeshop.
There are several methods that we have seen for melting crayons. We ended up trying Jill’s tin can double boiler and also tried melting in the microwave. I would not recommend the microwave. It took a long time to melt it. In fact I think the plastic butter tub we were melting it in got soft faster than the crayons. Stick to the tin can method.
The first batch I made with similar colored crayons, mixing as I melted and I got very solid colored crayons out of it.
In the second batch I experimented. If you don’t mix the crayons as they are melting the resulting crayon looks marbleized.
Also as I would run out of one color of wax I would drip some drops over the empty molds then I would fill the mold with the next batch resulting in some splotchy unique looking crayons.
We thought these crayons were super cute. We didn’t think they could be described as delicious yet FIVE of our guests decided to eat them. Sadly THREE of them were adults.


  1. Lorelei is obsessed with the crayons she got--- and it took some serious convincing to get her to try to draw with them instead of just driving the motorcycle around making motor noises. Great craft!

  2. omg I love this!!! How will anyone ever throw a party again/ hand out favors after what you guys did? I think I'll start planning Catie's 6th B-day NOW because we'll be back in Austin then... hahaha

  3. Did you gets the molds in person or online? I just did an online search and didn't see them.

  4. Dana, We happened to find the molds locally at a Bake shop. The car mold is a Wilton Pretzel mold, found on amazon ( The motorcycle isn't coming up in a search, but something like this one ( would probably work. We had to tape off the part where the pretzel would go in order for the wax not to run out :) Good luck!