Friday, May 7, 2010

Play Kitchen Challenge - Construction

Now we’re getting somewhere. It’s time for the kitchens to go together. Best…Day…Ever!

Before we started construction, we had to do some necessary wood-filling. Plywood’s layers tend to split and chunks can fall out so wood filler is required to make it look nice. We didn’t take any pictures of this cause it was, well, not that exciting. You understand.

So skip ahead to construction day! My wonderful hubby gave us a quick tutorial in pocket-holes…it’s a really neat, and strong, method that hides the screws in an angled “pocket”. You can then fill these pockets with plugs…sand and paint and you will never be able to find the screw hole. Yep, we’re professionals…

Here’s what they look like…


And here’s how you make them…the blue thing is a pocket-hole jig. You clamp the jig to the board at the spot where you want the screw holes and drill into it. The drill has a “stop collar” so you don’t go all the way through…the location of the collar and placement of the jig is all calculated very precisely (by my husband).


IMGP7750 IMGP7747

Once the holes are drilled, we’re ready to screw the pieces together! YAY! We used right angle clamps to hold everything at 90 degrees, and started building.


Ruth modeling the first kitchen/microwave piece. (She apparently had a lil “captain” in her that day)

IMGP7752 IMGP7758

This is the sink/oven part. Ruth is attaching the piece on which the oven knobs will be placed.


Twooooo play kitchens! Ah ha ha!

IMGP7763 IMGP7762

We were giddy at this point, whether from excitement or exhaustion…both, probably. But check it out! All the doors are in place (not attached, obviously) but you get the idea. Sink bowl in place, along with stove burners (coasters from Ikea). Sweet!


And Cam loves it already! Apparently, the coasters…sorry, burners…are delicious. Om nom…




  1. I love this kitchen idea. You two are so impressive! I was already thinking of buying Piper a kitchen for her birthday but now... hmmm, nah, I dont think I'm crafty enough. I love this blog. I have a handful of blogs that I check frequently, now I can add y'all.

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