Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kimonos for Emma

My Sister-in-law just had a baby. I am insanely jealous. There are so many adorable patterns for little girls.
This week I whipped up a couple of cute kimonos to send her.
The pattern is free from Habitual. You do have to email her but she was very quick to send me the pattern.
008 012 
Both of the kimonos are the 6-12 month size. The pink one is the pattern as written. I added a little yellow strip of homemade bias tape on the gray one before sewing it together and I love the result
Overall I thought the pattern was really well written. The only part I was confused about was sewing the interior tie strip into the side seam. It seemed unclear to me how to sew this into the seam without having it show on the exterior. I managed to make it work but I’m sure there is a better method than sewing it into the seam allowance a couple of times and then cutting it a millimeter short of the actual seam. When I figure that out I will definitely make some more.
Welcome to the world Emma. I can’t wait to meet you!



  1. Hi! First time here. Your kimonos turned out so pretty. I just made this kimono myself. I was also confused by that step :). Basically, you sew the side seam first without the tie and, as a second step, you place the tie inside the seam (the actual stitching will prevent it from going any further) and you stitch over the tie a couple of times back and forth to secure it. That way the tie is not seen from the outside. Hoe this helps!!

  2. These are fabulous! I love the addition of the bias tape across the front. Love it!