Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gifts for a baby girl

One of the women in my book club is due with her baby girl any day now. At our last discussion we threw her a little baby shower. My friend Liasa made some freezer paper stenciled onesies and I decided to take them one step further (as I am prone to do.)


I made a pair of baby lounge pants (pattern coming soon) to match one pair. I couldn’t find a t-shirt in my stash to match the lizard one so I just gave it a ruffled butt. I used Char’s tutorial for that one.


I also made a toy tether and a bias tape bound flannel blanket which I used to wrap it all up.


She was especially glad that it wasn’t pink!



  1. I love how the print on the blanket looks more like linen yet is still flannel-y soft (not that I would know, but most flannel is soft :)