Thursday, February 23, 2012

Underwear for Asher

I’m not sure if I really should commit to this statement but Asher is pretty much potty trained. (knocking on all the wood in my house) He still has the occasional accident and needs a diaper for nap and nighttime but he is finally going to the potty on his own. No doubt he’ll have a bit of a back slide when the new baby joins the family but at least I accomplished my goal of only having one kid in diapers at a time.
To celebrate I made Asher some special underwear using this pattern
Asher calls these his cookie monster underwear. I couldn’t find a matching blue so I used the same fabric for the front and back.
For the Robots and Cars fabric I matched up the colors with some scraps from my upcycling box
I made potentially a weeks worth of underwear to mix in with his storebought sets. He agrees that the ones that I made are way cooler.
The fabric came from Print Knit Studio. Haley and I put in a big order and were thrilled with the quality of fabric and the speed that we received the order. Definitely more cute stuff on the way.

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