Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have a Sock Problem

When I’m not busy sewing or cooking or just taking care of Asher I like to knit. I don’t post much about that because I use ravelry to chronicle my knitting projects but I thought I would do a quick post about my knitting obsession, socks.

I started knitting eight years ago so that I could watch TV and not feel completely unproductive. Since then I’ve knit over 50 pairs of socks. I’ve kept 14 (retired 3 by wearing holes in them) and given the rest away. For the past 3 Christmases I made a pair for all my female relatives. This year I didn’t really start working on them until the beginning of November and somehow I managed to crank out a pair a week and finish 6 pairs before Christmas. My friends didn’t see me without needles in hands.

vihtori socks Vihtori socks made for my mother
go with the flow socks Go with the Flow socks made for my non-in-law Cheyne
hedera socks Hedera socks made for my cousin Jessica
brainless socks Brainless socks made for my sister Erin
blue stripey socks Basic Toe-up Socks made for my cousin Gabriela
spring pools socks Spring Pools socks made for my non-in-law Shelly

I was even able to finish up a pair of socks for myself before the end of 2011.crazy zauberball socks


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  1. What a beautiful socks! I also like knitting socks.