Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinterest Find: Pizza Muffins

Oh, Pinterest….how I love thee!

In my never-ending quest to find food that Cam can take to school in his lunchbox besides a PB&J, I came across (via my mom) this amazing recipe for Pizza Muffins! These little things are like a bite of heaven…or Italy…they are amazing and incredible and delicious and amazing! Did I mention they were amazing? The recipe comes from a blog with a name that describes me to a T…Lick the Bowl Good. I come from a long line of bowl lickers, so naturally that blog name appeals to me.

So feast your eyes on these bad boys. I ate at least 3 while setting up this picture. The melty, crunchy, oozy cheese on top is the best part.


So the recipe, found HERE, is an adapted/modified version of two other recipes, one of which is Racheal Ray (should’ve known), and is super simple. The only thing I didn’t do was add the red pepper flakes. Next time I’m going to top them with shredded basil, as in Racheal’s version. YUM! Also, I got nearly 2 dozen mini muffins out of one batch, which means Cam won’t miss the 1/2 dozen I’ve already devoured.


Doesn’t that make you wanna run to the kitchen right now and bake some? Thank you, Pinterest…I’ll never get this baby weight off.


  1. That makes me want to give in and buy a mini muffin pan... I've been trying to think of more stuff (besides PB&J) to put in Lorelei's lunches.

  2. I agree with Cindy. Zoe might just eat those.