Thursday, March 25, 2010

Plague of Frogs

For Passover I am sending a set of bean bag frogs to my  Jewish nephew. The plague of frogs was one of the 10 plagues on Egypt named in the Passover Seder. 016 
Supplies needed:
quilting fabric (I bought a roll of fat eighths in green and used some old fat quarters from my stash)
Green thread
rice or lentils
fabric paint (for the eyes)
Frog template
sewing machine and scissors

I cut two pieces of coordinating fabric for each frog. I lined them up and traced the template. Be sure to place the template against a fold so you have a whole frog when you finish cutting
 015  016

Put the two frogs right side to right side and pin together. I sewed with a seam allowance of the width of the pressure foot. Don’t forget to leave a hole so you can turn your frog inside out.
Frog tutorial

Before you turn the frog inside out clip your curves (don’t cut the seams)
Turn it inside out
Make a whole bunch
I stuffed the arms and legs with stuffing and then top stitched them to separate the body and arms. Basically, gave them joints. I also stitched the hands and feet to give the feet digits. Then I filled the body with Lentils and sewed the body shut.
012  Lastly I dipped the eraser of a pencil into black fabric paint and gave each frog eyes.


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