Monday, March 15, 2010

Asher’s Organic Eggs

There is an adorable tutorial on Shelly Inspired to make your own egg carton with paper mache eggs. She inspired me to make my own half dozen for Asher.
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I did a few things differently. Haley has an embroidery machine so we made a cute label for the carton.
I also made the hinge differently. Instead of having a longer piece of felt for the back piece mine lid is the same depth all the way around. I held the top and bottom adjacent and stitched them together.
Haley also has some crackle paint so we made a couple of “bad” eggs
  015 Thanks Shelly for your awesome tutorial. It was so much fun to make and my son loves playing with them.


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  1. Hey! That turned out so cute! I also can't wait to see your finished play kitchen. I am putting on the finishing touches of a kitchen I've been working on FOREVER!