Saturday, March 13, 2010

iDye Review

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I recent did a little dyeing. I had a bunch of 5 packs of boring white onesies and wanted to have some cooler colors for stenciling. I did some in green and orange. I used iDye by jaquard. I did the green first and was so happy with the color and the process then I did the Orange and had a completely different experience.


002This picture may look from the 70s but the is really the color that I got.  BORING! Wondering went wrong? I thought I bought the same kind of dye that I bought the last time but it was not iDye, it was iDye Poly. This made a couple of differences. The cotton didn’t pick up a lot of color but the Polyester thread and the tags and the snaps all took on color. They are completely white on the green set. The worst part about the iDye Poly is that it stunk. I mean really really badly. I could smell it on the second floor through a closed door. We had to open all the windows in the house. So I went back to the store and bought the same color in the iDye and got this awesome color.


I love the new color but I’ve washed them 5 times and they are still bleeding color. I need some suggestions on how to get the color to set.



  1. This may be a little late, but you can set the color by soaking the dyed items in vinegar and cold water.

  2. Ruth, What shade of green did you use?

  3. Yes, please, tell me what color of green, because I want to order that shade today! Was it regular green, or kelly green?