Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New shirts for Cam

There’s nothing like a trip to the Salvation Army Family Store that scores you some awesome repurposeable shirts! So Cam got 3 new long-sleeves for “winter”….cause, yeah, we don’t really have winter in Texas but he’ll get some use out of them.
 IMGP4356 IMGP4352
The guitar dragon and Ramones shirts were made using Simplicity pattern #2318. It’s actually a pajama pattern, but I really liked the contrast shoulder and it worked great for a mix’n’match knit shirt.
The hooded Johnny Socko shirt (which just so happens to be an old shirt of mine from high school….ahhh, memories) was made using Lil Blue Boo’s hooded shirt pattern. It’s a classic pattern that Ruth and I love…I’m sure we’ll continue to make a closet load of them.
 IMGP4353 IMGP4354
The sleeves on the Simplicity patterned shirts are way too long but I'll fix that later. Cam doesn't mind and he still looks super cute ;) 

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  1. If this is a recent photo, I am blown away by how long Cams' hair is!!! Cute shirt:)