Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I made a Warhol Dress!

Ruth and I are avid followers of Made blog. Dana’s “Celebrate the Boy” series was, and still is, right up our alley but, now that I have a baby girl, I get to delve into that other world of sewing…one with which I’m not very familiar. So for my first adventure, I chose the Warhol Dress…such a cute and simple little dress made from repurposed t-shirts. And we all know how much Ruth and I love repurposing t-shirts!
One of Cam’s friends had her 2nd birthday last weekend and this was her gift. She has family in Virginia and I felt the urge to jazz up the simple turquoise dress. The dress was really simple, I had to cut a size 1-2 because her pattern is only for 6-12mos or 3-4yrs…but that was a piece of cake. I simply cut half-way between the two sizes…so easy. Other than that, I followed Dana’s sewing instructions exactly.
IMGP4298 IMGP4296
Couldn’t be simpler, or cuter! Now to make some for Clara!
And we have cute little folded side tags now! :D

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