Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Asher’s Table and Chairs

To go with Asher's play kitchen I made a set of table and chairs. I used the same set of paints and really brightened up some inexpensive pieces I found at IKEA.
Each chair is done in a different shade of blue and then the remaining colors were used on the seat planks.
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My favorite part is the single plank on each chair that I covered with fabric using mod podge. I found this super cute fabric at Stitch Lab and picked up enough to do a little set of curtains and maybe a small apron.
I only got three chairs, but I’ve been thinking about getting one more and making it orange. It would really stand out against the others but orange is Asher’s favorite color. Any thoughts?

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  1. How delightful! Yes, and orange (especially as it's A's fav) contrast chair would be perfect.