Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tutorial: Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bags

Cam received an excellent reusable sandwich bag for his birthday last year and since then I’ve been reusing and washing it at a constant pace. One day, while at Joann’s, I found a really unique fabric that seemed perfect for bibs, called Oil Canvas…different from oil cloth, oil canvas has a definite “canvas” weave look rather than the slick plasticated coating. One day while washing Cam’s sandwich bag for the 50th time, something snapped in my brain and I knew that yard of “bib” fabric would be perfect for more bags! Brilliant!


Not only that, we had a need for a smaller snack-sized bag. Cam’s school constantly threw away all my snack ziploc bags, so a smaller reusable bag would fix the waste problem.

Both bags are so easy. Here’s how to do it:

Supplies and Cut list:

Oil Canvas, for Sandwich Bag cut 15” x 7”, for Snack Bag cut 9” x 7”
Velcro, 7” for both bag styles

IMGP3481 copy

*Note: Oil Canvas doesn’t ravel, so just turn down and stitch.*
To start, put a 3/8” hem in the 7” long edge. This applies to both bag styles. Then stitch on the hook portion of the velcro. For the sandwich bag, stitch the velcro 1 1/4” from the hem edge. For the snack bag, stitch the velcro 1/2” from the hem edge.

IMGP3487 copy IMGP3483 copy

Next you’ll make the pouch. For the sandwich bag, fold the velcro edge up 6”, right sides together. For the snack bag, fold the velcro edge up 3”, right sides together. Pin the edges and stitch along both edges 3/8”, being sure to backstitch well at each end since you will be washing and turning the bags often.

IMGP3491 copy

Once seamed, turn the bag right side out. Next you’ll need to hem the remaining side seam, which makes up the flap part of the bag.

Note in the picture below, the larger bag flap side seams have been hemmed.

IMGP3492 copy

You’ll need to work your presser foot inside the edge of the bag to start the side seam hem, as pictured, backstitch, and seam 3/8” up the edge. A pin might help get this process started.


The last two steps are to hem the top of the flap and attach the loop velcro. These steps can be combined. Grab your loop velcro in one hand and fold down the top edge 3/8” and then lay that velcro right at the edge over the hem. Get it under your presser foot and start stitching the very edge. Pin if needed.

IMGP3498 copy

When you get to the end turn the corner and continue around the edge of the velcro til it’s all stitched down. You’ll notice this piece of velcro is longer than the bag, due to the original cut being 7”. Since you’ve already hemmed the sides you’ll have excess velcro to cut off on one or both ends. No worries, just snip it off and YOU’RE DONE!


The sandwich size bag fits standard bread slices and the snack is about half that size.

Cool bags for school, playdates or gifts. Your friends will be envious, so make them some! YAY!


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