Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blankets for Brother

It’s a rainy day, Asher is a school and I have the itch to make something quick and easy. Specifically something for Ash’s brother (coming soon). So I thought of all the presents that we received when Asher was born and the one that has gotten the most use in the past 3 years was actually the very first gift. My sister’s sister and mother-in-law (I call them my non-in-laws) sent a homemade oversized receiving blanket. Measuring 39 inches square it quickly became the only blanket large enough to swaddle my very long baby boy. It was even the blanket used on the birth announcement.  Almost 3 years later, he still uses it for napping at school. That is some serious longevity for a newborn gift. Birth announcement

So I decided to make a few large blankets using flannels I found at Joanns. To get the biggest blanket I could I bought a length of fabric equal to the width 42 or 44 inches depending on the selvage. I prewashed, cursed at the skewed cutting job, ironed and cut the largest square I could. On two of them I did a 1/2 inch double folded hem and the other 2 got a homemade bias tape trim.

Recieving blankets 2

Now brother will have 4 (5 if I can get Asher’s away from him) giant blankets waiting for him and I have a sense of accomplishment for the day.



  1. Sweet :) I say let Asher keep his though... just a thought...

  2. love huge receiving blankets and loooove the robot fabric...have it and used it to make a cover for a little chair...it's such a fun little fabric for boys :)

  3. I made many of these for my daughter, too. ! was using a craddle (at first) for her, so I also made flannel sheets for it-except made them like a pillow case so they could just be slipped on instead of tucking or bothering with elastic. The up side was that they turned out to actually be pillow sized and later could be used as pillow cases.

  4. Oh how I loved the extra big baby blankets. These are sure to be a hit. We made some with seersucker and eyelet lace binding for my daughter 20 something years ago.Living in Fl you just needed something to hold them folded up and keep the chill off. I still have them..... one day maybe I will be a " Ya-ya".