Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Fox Halloween

This year I had a hard time deciding what Asher should be for Halloween but in the end I found this woodland animal pattern by Jessica of Running with Scissors.


I’m really happy with the way it turned out, but there were a couple of bumps along the way. Having sewn and made pattern for several pairs of pants I found the gusset method for the crotch a little awkward to sew as well as fit. The bigger problem was the hood. Because Asher is so tall the 4T size was a little short on him. So the original hood was pulled on by the body and whenever he bent over the hood was pulled off his head. So I wrote to Jessica with my problem and she wrote back promptly and with plenty of great suggestions on how to fix my problem. 


Just changing the hood made the whole costume fit better and Asher could now get the hood on and off himself. I also had enough left over fabric to make myself a matching pair of ears and tail. I used the same pattern pieces for the tail and ears lengthening the tail by about 6 inches and sewing the ears to a headband. DSC_0126

My husband found some hunter gear at the thrift store for his costume. Asher insists that he is a Catcher since he tries to catch the foxes. I think it’s so cute I don’t want to correct him.DSC_0082

Thanks Jess for putting out your pattern and helping me when I started to panic. I can’t wait to try out the hipster hoodie. It’s in this weeks queue.

If you think our costumes are fun just wait till you see what Haley whipped up.

Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. It turned out great Ruth! I LOVE the matching mom ears! I'm a big fan of family themed costumes, and this turned out so great. Glad the hood was able to be fixed to fit your cute fox, and sorry about the bumps along the way!

  2. I plan on making this costume for Halloween this year and I was just curious which type of fabric did you use? (I'm a brand new sewer so I'm not too familiar with the variations in fabric but I love the way yours looks.) If you can email me your answer at: it would be much appreciated.