Monday, October 31, 2011

The Family that ROCKS together, stays together

Cam loves guitars, this is a well known fact, so naturally our family Halloween costumes had to ROCK this year. When he said “I wanna be a RockStar!” it didn’t take long for me to figure out our theme. This set of costumes is a mish-mash of patterns and fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-and-hope-it-works design.

Introducing….. Dad as Gene Simmons, Mom as Cyndi Lauper and Cam as Sid Vicious!


Cam’s costume was probably the easiest. For the jacket, I altered a fleece hoodie pattern, added a collar, etc. I bought one long zipper and cut the remainder into bits and just sewed them straight to the front of the jacket. Joann’s had by-the-yard cut-apart studs…SO awesome! I just hot-glued them on.

 IMGP3388 IMGP3390

I picked up the jeans and a tank at the Salvation Army, cut up the pants a bit and painted the tank with the classic “Punks Not Dead” design. He was able to wear some of my old punker accessories, too, which was fun for me.


My costume was also pretty easy. The dress was $6 at Salvation Army and only took a bit of altering to fit over my big preggo belly. I zig-zagged on 4 rows of tulle to the lining, added some tulle bows and Voila! My crowning achievement of the Cyndi costume was the gloves…but I’ll tell you about those later :)

IMGP3374 highres_67955622

Daddy’s costume was the most labor-intensive of the family. Nearly every piece was handmade and most were made up! I started with a pair of half-pants out of pleather, using a really old slacks pattern. The boot covers were ridiculously easy…I traced his work boots on paper, added for curvature and seam, and cut them on the fold so the only sewing is the front seam. I couldn’t believe how good they looked for such a simple method.

IMGP3401 IMGP3425

The silver vest was my crowing achievement of the Kiss costume. Using craft foam sheets was the key. I cut out the shapes and literally scotch-taped them together, then covered them with the silver fabric, using a combination of spray adhesive (to hold everything in place) and hot glue (to secure the flaps on the back side.

The belt is the same silver fabric lined with a medium weight satin AND I discovered that you can indeed sew through craft foam (at least the thin stuff). There’s a velcro closure at the back and velcro at the shoulders to hold the wings on. The wings are shiny pleather lined with the satin, studded and accessorized with spikey cuffs (which are just cones filled with fluff, gathered at bottom and hot glued).

And here’s the finished product!

Hope your Halloween ROCKS!

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