Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Play Kitchen Challenge - Cutting and Sanding

Hooray! My first post! I think I’ll start with our biggest collaborative project…the play kitchens. Ruth has already laid out the plans so here’s how it’s going so far…
First, using our awesomely drawn layout, we cut the huge plywood pieces into the proper sizes.
IMGP7224 IMGP7232IMGP7234 
And Cam had to help…he wasn’t too keen on the muffs, though.
Then, of course, we sanded everything….please ignore my horribly cluttered garage.
And Ruth admires our handywork…two stacks of cut and sanded boards.
Next, we put the routed edge on the counter top and fridge top pieces. Then we used a jigsaw to cut the sink hole in the countertop. We also did a bit of experimenting with the oven and microwave door openings with the jigsaw…but more on that later.
It’s hard to tell what I’m doing here, but this is a hand-built router table (my hubby’s design) and I’m running a test piece through it.
Ruth starts her sink hole cut.
IMGP7336 IMGP7338
And my attempt, next to Ruth’s great example!

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