Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

October has got to be the most exhausting month for sewing. This year our kids were old enough that we really didn't have a say on what they were going to be. In some ways it made it easier. 

Cam was adamant about being a S.W.A.T. officer. The helmet has been in the dress up box for years and the vest was borrowed from a friend. Nothing homemade at all.

Haley tried to convince Clara to be Elsa from the Frozen Fever short because that dress is gorgeous but she wasn't having it. She insisted on Minnie Mouse which is a much easier costume. The shirt was from Goodwill and just needed the collar to be swapped for a white one. She also had a simple Circle skirt with a double tulle and an elastic waist. The ears were from Joanns.

Since she saved so much time on the kid's costumes she went overboard on her own. Haley and B have been wanting to do Mary Poppins for a while so this was the year.

Note to Haley: Today you said that next year you are reusing an old costume. I know come October 2016 when we are in the crazy place again, you'll change your mind and make something ridiculous but I'm putting this on record, only the kids next year.

Haley's Dress is a combination of 3 patterns for the corset, inner bodice and rest of dress. she used chiffon on the outer dress and did a self lined satin inner bodice with spaghetti straps. She threaded red ribbon through a lace trim for the accents and had stitched the bows on the skirt.

Haley used painter's tape to mark off the stripes and used fabric or multi-surface craft paint to make the jacket fabric. The pattern was from the 80's. Other accessories were pilfered from her Mom's costume closet. 

Ruben has been wanting to be Rainbow Dash for months since he saw a friends doll. He didn't even see the show until he got sick last week and I really needed to work on our costumes. Both boys are in love. My sweet and easy going husband agreed to go as Apple Jack. You can't tell in this picture but I did paint apples on his butt. Ru's costume was inspired by this one

Ash also made it easy on me and insisted on being Link from Legend of Zelda; Skyward Sword. I made him the tunic two years ago and he didn't want me to make a new one so I bought his a sword from Black Swan Armoury and made him a scabbard for it. He also got some boots from Old Navy and ears made of masking tape. 

I went as Princess Zelda which was the costume that took the longest. The dress is a Lady Skater by Kitschy Coo with gold painted trim. Everything else I used a game screen shot to copy.  

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. It was fun but exhausting to get everything done. I was very grateful for the extra hour of sleep that night.


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