Thursday, December 20, 2012

Library bag

This year I participated in a book club. It gave me a monthly break from being a full time parent and gave my mind some necessary exercise. The December meeting always includes a gift swap so I made this gorgeous bag entirely out of fabric from my stash.

Fabulous book bag

fabulous book bag (3)I had seen a similar bag somewhere, though I can’t find it now (probably pinterest.) It was basically made with long vertical strips of different prints and background fabric and then they are sewn together long the long edges to look like books. The leaning on was a challenge and there was probably a less wasteful way of doing it but I made a large rectangle lopped off a corner so the seam allowance would line up to make it look as if they were touching and then I trimmed the edges so it would make a large rectangle with the others. Then I added a top and bottom border.


fabulous book bag (2)


As much as I like the front the back is what I’m most proud of. It is just a large rectangle of the background fabric with the borders cut to the same dimensions as the front.


I know it doesn’t look like much from a distance but let me zoom in for you

fabulous book bag (2)

I dropped the feed dogs and put on the darning foot and then wrote all the books that we read this year. Each row is a different month of books and if the month I filled in the space with the word read.

I’m happy to report that the bag ended up with someone who truly deserved it. She has been in the group almost since the beginning. I have a feeling it will get plenty of love. Though I have to say I did consider trying to snag it myself.



  1. LOVE it! I've been wanting to make a book quilt wall hanging for our school librarian...maybe a bag would be better.

  2. Awesome bag Ruth! And Happy Birthday to all of you too!

  3. Hello Ruth!

    Oh its a very cool blog, you have soo much good ideas.
    Now i am a reader from you.
    Sorry, my english is not the best.
    Bye ,Martha.

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    I received a nomination and answered 11 questions given to me. Please don't feel pressure to participate, but if you would like to, see the bottom of the post here to find the questions I asked you! Thanks and take care! Kristin