Friday, May 27, 2011

New kitchen chairs

006I’ve been meaning to do this forever. Ever since Asher started to eat solid food our chairs have gotten grosser and grosser. My delay has been because I couldn’t find fabric I liked enough. Most of the upholstery fabric was either with dull colors or it was bright colors with a little too much white in the background, a color I clearly should avoid. Today I decided that I was going to get something even if it was temporary just to cover of those awful stains.


After going to several upholstery stores I finally found something I liked at Joann’s. It is actually from the outdoor canvas section. I am hoping that it will easier to clean up. It claims to be mildew and stain resistant but it hasn’t met my 2 year old yet.


I didn’t even realize that some of the leaves in the fabric are the same shape as the leaves in the chair’s iron work.


That before chair is so disgusting. I can’t believe I am showing it off.


This only took an hour to do and I am so pleased with the results. Maybe it won’t be so temporary after all.



  1. Our chairs right now look exactely like your 'before' chair. And I have been planning to do the same for a long time too. Hope I find the perfect fabric soon :)

  2. Cute! I like the fabric choice. I need to do this to our chairs. One day...