Monday, April 11, 2011

Crochet Hook Roll-Up

My mom has taken up crochet. She’s adorable and carries a huge bag of yarn and needles with her everywhere she goes. When this bag came into my house, I took one look and my inner-organizer about had a heart attack. There were crochet hooks everywhere, strewn about in this cavernous bag. So I had to take action….enter the Crochet Hook Roll-Up!

Lucky for me, while perusing One Pretty Thing, I happened upon this tutorial from Fairy Face Designs. Perfect!  I followed the tute pretty closely, so no need to go step-by-step here.

IMGP1000 IMGP0997
The only major addition to my roll was the flap. Having a flap will keep the hooks from inevitably sliding out of the pouch and back into the briny deep that is my mom’s crochet bag. No more mess!

Instead of making the hook pocket solid, I left out the middle section so that the hook sizes show in the “window”. I patted myself on the back for that bit of cleverness ;)

I loved the applique in the tutorial, so I did the same thing by cutting out a couple flowers from the print fabric and simply zig-zagging them on. One big flower shows when the pouch is rolled up, and there are two smaller flowers on the flap.

I did some stippling on the side pieces, just like the tute, which attaches the batting layer to the outside layer.

Instead of binding it with bias tape, I simply stitched it right-sides-together and turned it.

Doesn’t it look cute sticking out of that big ol’ bag? My mom loved it and has since crocheted me a collection of wash rags, which I love! It’s a win-win!


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  1. I just HAD TO ... HAD TO comment on this. I am a crochet nut. I have TONS of hooks and several cases. I just wanted you to know that I have seen at least 100 cases and thought I had seen it all until I somehow came across yours. How awesome, first to care so much about your mom's hooks. The flap over is a given but the strip across with the space to actually see the hook markings is engenous and could only come from someone that has an outragous amount of caring and attention to detail. It's truly amazing. God bless you.