Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Waiting for Asher

The day I left my job was also the first day of my 2nd trimester. I suddenly had tons of energy and time. My sister was due that month to have her second kid, Oscar. They were living in Thailand at the time and my parents went to visit and help out with their Granddaughter Clementine. Being the awesome daughter that I am I volunteered to live at my parents house for that month and take care of my Grandma.
Grandma is probably the one that gave my love of crafts. When I was younger my sister and cousin and I would spent hours drawing princesses at her house. She always had tons of random art supplies. Nothing was more fun than playing with thousands of buttons and a bottle of glue. 
Sadly these days Grandma is suffering from Alzheimer's. She needs someone to be with her all the time so I spent that month hanging out with her and spent a lot of time on the internet. I made up my baby registry and designed Asher’s nursery. After looking at 1000s of pictures of different bedding sets I settled on this one:

This is not Asher’s nursery, just a photo from the cottontail design website. My husband’s friends from College purchased the bedding and the laundry hamper which were the only things we wanted. I wanted to make the rest of the decorations. Here is what I came up with. 
Nursery curtain
I looked and looked for curtains that I liked at a reasonable price. Everything I liked was way to expensive, especially since the windows are really wide and it was going to take at least 6 panels to cover it. In the end I made his curtains with 4 twin sized sheet from Ikea. Making my final cost less than $15. They aren’t the most Amazing curtains ever but the price was right.

I also bought the Malma Mirrors fron Ikea and painted them to match the bedding fabric. Nursery Mirrors
 Rhino painting 
But my favorite project was my the animal paintings. They came out so cute. I made these after we received the bedding set. I was probably 7 months pregnant at the time. I made the background to match the bedding and then painted the animals on top. I wanted the Art to have different animals than those on Aligator paintingthe quilt. I wish I could take full credit for the cuteness of the animals but they did come as an appliqué on some onesies from Carters. Each painting took about 10 hours to make. Totally a labor of love as I was really uncomfortable. Tiger painting

Asher may never appreciate the work that I put into my nursery but I went to it with the attitude that it was really for me anyway. After all, during Asher’s first year of life I spent many hours in that room and I wanted a space I could really be comfortable.


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  1. I spy a spoka light! They are totally cute. I have a blue one of my own. =]

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