Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1 nap = 4 pairs of pants

I’ve only got a few weeks before my baby boy is due so I’ve been trying to spend a little bit of time in the craft room daily.  During today’s nap I grabbed four t-shirts from my repurposing bin and whipped up some simple lounge pants using our free pattern. Asher is a little taller than he was when I made the pattern so I just added an inch and a half to the length and a half inch to the top. I didn’t adjust the sides since the old pants still fit across the hips.


Spring is upon us so these pants are sure to get plenty of use. Plus with my hands soon to be full of newborn it’s good to have more clothes Ash can put on with out me.



  1. I've made lost of leggings for my girls from the stretchy women's t-shirts, but I hadn't thought of using T-shirts for boys pants like this. What a good idea!

    And we must be due about the same time. I'm due with a little boy March 12th.

    1. I'm due on leap day. I'm really hoping I hit that on the mark. That would be such a cool birthday. I can't wait to make some tiny ones for the new baby.

  2. How crafty are those?! And I look forward to seeing baby sized ones-CUTE!