Monday, September 20, 2010

Naked Baby gets a Diaper

A friend of mine left this baby doll at my house after a play date. Ash fell in love with it and has been playing with “Naked Baby” a lot. The owner of Naked Baby told me that she had plenty of dolls and we could borrow it for a while. After I found my husband tying a spare scrap of cloth around him to make a diaper, I was a little inspired. How 001hard could it be to make a quick little baby diaper?

After a quick search online I printed out the doll diaper pattern from Skip to my Lou. Fifteen minutes later I had 2 cute flannel diapers. I had to adjust the Velcro placement a little but the cut work perfectly.
I have a feeling when Naked Baby is finally returned it’ll have a full wardrobe in tow.

(Haley pointed out that fabric looks upside-down from the front but that wasn’t a mistake The graphic is right-side-up on the butt.)

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